Does a Lottery System Give You Better Odds Of Winning?

A lottery system gives you better odds of winning versus using random numbers. The reason is they are handicapped such as picking hot numbers and eliminating most of the bad ones. Once you learn how to use the system, you’ll understand why it’ll boost your chances by the millions.

In a wheeling system, you handicap your numbers and use a certain set for your wheel. So if you use a ten number wheel and picked ten good 娛樂城 ones, you have already lowered your odds dramatically. When you pick them at random, you don’t know if they’re good or bad ones.

Lots of people use birthdays, holidays and anniversaries for their games. It’s a shot in the dark and is called dumb luck. You need a lot of luck with bad numbers, or random ones but not with handicapped ones using a wheeling system.

Handicapped Numbers Versus Random Numbers

Handicapped numbers are picking ones from the past several draws that are hot. Cold numbers seldom or never come up. Pick all hot ones for your games. So if you’re using a 12 number wheel, you need to pick 12 to play. These are the onesthat come up the most and have the best chance of hitting.

Wheeling these numbers will drop your odds by the millions. Random ones won’t change your odds for the better. These are just favorite numbers people choose when marking their tickets. You’ll spend more using these than you would wheeling them. Very few winners use random numbers. They understand the system and how it gives you better odds of winning.

You can have winning tickets with only 3 to 4 in your wheel depending on the wheel you’re using. If you’re playing a six number game and get all six, then all tickets are 3-4 and 5 number winners. You don’t need all six to have a winning ticket. Only four can give you three and four number ticket wins.

Balancing Your Numbers

  • Unless you’ve used a lottery system, you won’t understand why balancing your numbers are so important. Now that you’ve got your wheeling system, picked your hot numbers, it’s important to balance them when adding them to your wheel. For instance, never use all odd or even ones. If it’s a six number game, use three even and three odd.
  • Or you can use four and two, but no more than two. When you wheel your numbers, make sure you don’t have any triples such as 34-35-36- they seldom come up. If those are three hot numbers you’re going to use, spread them out within the wheel. Balancing your numbers reduces your odds that much more giving you more winning tickets.

Using the Wheeling System

  • Some people take the time to handicap their numbers and balance them but don’t use the wheel. They pick a certain set of numbers and mark them on their card. Always use the wheel because it’s how you get the multiple wins. The system has the numbers laid out in a certain pattern on the way they’re drawn. So use the wheel they way you’re suppose to.

A lottery system gives you better odds of winning by following the tips above. You can cut them by the millions and it’s a lot of fun and cheaper. The next time you play, use a wheeling system and stick with the same numbers. You’ll have more winning tickets.

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